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Physical security is a set of security measures taken to ensure that only personnel that is allowed to have access to equipment, resources, and other assets within your organization.  This can be manpower security, technology or a combination.  Manpower services are governed by the Security Industry Authority in the UK and they encompass manned guarding and events, CCTV controllers, patrol & response services, monitoring, and close protection officers.  The technology environment encompasses Access Control, CCTV systems, Alarm Systems, Perimeter Detection Systems & visitor Management Systems.  The excitement with technology is the integration of platforms and the introduction of advanced analytics which is evolving the security industry.


Business continuity

plans are extremely important to all organizations whether you are a sole trader, small or medium enterprise or a blue chip company.  Trying to survive in today’s competitive market within the UK and Ireland you have to be able to mitigate any potential for loss.  Businesses can feel the long term effects of negative penetration to their organization for months and maybe years after the breach. It is important to remember that security is not an unnecessary cost, it is there to protect sensitive information and assets within your organization.


Reports are developed for guidance and process bespoke to businesses and organizations set out criteria to conform either to legislation or assist in the day to day running of operations.  Many reports highlight the risks within the business from an external or internal threat; delivering a conclusion or guidance with quantified actions to reduce the risk.  Many businesses and organizations do not hold this internal expertise within Physical Security this is why they utilize CSCNI to deliver such reports.

The two duties of the PSA are to regulate the compulsory licensing of individuals who undertake designated activities within the private security industry and to manage a voluntary Approved Contractor Scheme, which measures private security service suppliers against independently established assessment criteria.  As a leading security consultancy CSCNI reviews our client’s processes and procedures, writes specifications and tenders and ensures that governing bodies are adhered to on delivery.  We are usually utilized for change management and cost analysis between manned services and technology solutions.  Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of manned services within the Ireland & UK and fully understand the capabilities and the solutions that can enhance your organization or business

The National Security Inspectorate

The NSI is the standards set within the security systems installation and maintenance services; with gold being the highest standard sought followed by silver and bronze. Below is the market areas the NSI grading system is utilized within the security system environment that have a reach across the Ireland & UK.

Security Cameras

CCTV is the most installed system within Ireland & UK but the higher the level of sophistication will usually increase the level of expertise and highlights one CCTV camera is not the same as another CCTV camera. Video brings more emphasis on networks and associated impact on bandwidth and storage.

Access Control

This platform has brought to the forefront more integration within security systems.  Access control or control of access has become an essential part of every secured environment ensuring the bespoke system your organization/business chooses is installed and maintained in the years to follow.


Strategic Security For The Future

Risk Analysis

Corporate Security

Penetration Testing

Retail Security

Security Cost Analysis

Security Innovation

Access Control Consultancy

CCTV Consultancy

Market Strategy

CSCNI will audit and implement physical security that protects your organisation, resources and equipment against






Natural disaster


Malicious acts




Terrorist attack



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