CSCNI consultants have experience in many projects across all industries, government bodies and businesses within the UK and Ireland. Delivery of these security solutions entails change management, operational improvements, and resolution of technical legacy issues across platforms such as access control, CCTV, alarm systems and integration. Listed below are sectors that our consultants are experienced in delivering.

Projects with different industries

Security is an important element of schools and universities business models. CSCNI consultants have experience of working with and designing security networks and integration of access control platforms and CCTV applications within educational facilities.  The increase within advanced analytics now brings enhancements to premises security and identification of individuals utilizing the campuses.  Key to innovation is the increased aspects of Health & safety.


Although significant resources have now moved to “Cyber-Security” and premises within the sector decline.  The emphasis of Physical Security is more important than ever as focus can be diverted by the online revolution.  Financial Institutes in recent years have made the gradual move to IP networks and advanced access control systems but have tended to stay with legacy systems.  CSCNI Consultants are versed in penetration testing within financial institutions; exploiting the weaknesses within these environments and report/advise on remedial action to reduce potential risks.  We can design, integrate and enhance manned elements within their roles.


CSCNI consultants have worked across aspects of Aviation, Maritime, Rail, and Bus verticals over the last ten years.  We are aware of the added environmental factors that impact these verticals and have experience of research, project design, and integration of legacy and new security systems.  The industry has its own security risks and CSCNI consultants can advise and offer a roadmap to ensure Physical Security remains a priority within the sector.



CSCNI consultants have delivered multiple refurbishment and security system rejuvenation projects within this sector.  Projects have been researched, designed, installed with the offering of end-user training of software products.  Retail has mainly legacy equipment that is becoming dated within the marketplace.  The advancements within software and integration allow for potential efficiencies and restructuring of operational services.



A sector that is always seeing budget cuts and reductions within physical security provision.  Our consultants have references within these departments and are versed in innovation and creative thinking to maintain an acceptable security provision.  We as a company have the resources to support, design and collaborate with 3rd party stakeholders to get projects over the line. Ensuring a safe and secure environment for government personnel and stakeholders.


CSCNI have the insight into this business vertical during the last decade, working with legacy systems and upgrading Access Control and CCTV infrastructure of facilities within the UK & Ireland.  Consultants have also designed and implemented staff protection systems for staff and personnel as hostility can be as the main threat to this department. With these multiple platforms, our consultants can assist with designing integration for ease of alerts, identification, and control within these environments.


We as a consultancy can analyze procedures and bespoke risks to any environment.  Once we understand the foundations we build the physical security elements around it.  Each business has its own individual needs, that is why our clients trust us to provide the options along with the impact; to the design, report and then implement accordingly to meet legislation such as GDPR and standards of compliance.  We as experts find that environments always change due to external factors as well as internal but having CSCNI at your side allows for these barriers do not cause havoc to your business world.