The CSCNI Security Integration Consultant team have a combined experience of over 50 years focused on the development of Security Integration systems that have become complex and sometimes central to the operations of any business or organization.

Security equipment manufacturers who were once IP intercom or PIDS companies are now developing beyond there once blinkered environments to become integral parts of many security systems in the world today.

From experience we can present our clients with clear and concise marketplace capabilities within the Security  market which then gives us the capacity to deliver time and time again the concise results to our end users.

From delivering at corporate entry level right up to the premier security  systems that are now operating in advanced analytics and even verging on artificial intelligence.

Finding the right fit for an SME, Corporate client allows CSCNI to design the security  package, project manages the installation of the security system and then the end user security Integration training packages which are supported by the manufacturers that we have a working partnership with.

When creating the right security  package, it not only the product, but the quality of the security network the security integrated system sits upon; the capability of the installer or integrator and the aftercare service that so many forget about.

CSCNI strives to be long-term partnerships with our clients and not the short timeframe wins.  By assisting our clients to achieve a streamlined, economical and successful conclusion to their security project needs, makes us proud to be CSCNI.

Security Integration Consultancy Services from CSCNI can derive from many assessments, audits, analysis, budget forecasting before the tender and project delivery:


  • Current Security  capability/end of life survey
  • Security  Audit and assessment (does it meet the needs of the client)
  • Security  forecasting future budget needs and lifespan.
  • Detailed CAD designs of Security projects.
  • Security  market research for bespoke system.
  • Tender writing to find that installer/integrator.
  • Teaching the Procurement around Security  capabilities and ensuring the right products bought.
  • Security  Project Management.
  • Ongoing support in the years ahead with your security systems.