We offer different

Security Services


Strategic Security For The Future

Technology is transforming businesses faster than any previous decade. It is important for your business to be able to prepare itself for these changes and budget appropriately to ensure they give the physical security requirements you need now; but also for the future. It is important to know what investment you make is worthwhile and gives the benefits that enhance your business.


Corporate Security

Corporate enterprises not only have to be aware of the local risk to their business but also the threat to the wider entity. Although internal capabilities are there it can sometimes become generic. As we have local knowledge of the UK and Ireland environment a risk analysis enhances internal processes giving a bespoke security plan that fits the needs of the location that can be blended to the corporate needs.



Recruitment services are specifically within the Security Management roles within operations, sales and business development across all sectors. We have a database of security officers for temporary contract work across all licenses.


Risk Analysis

Every business has a varied risk to their assets, properties, and staff. As an employer or business, you want to mitigate this risk were possible. Risk analysis allows CSCNI to assess, identify and give recommendations to minimize this further.


Security Innovation

We want you to partner with CSCNI so we can provide the up to date technology on the market. We can assess, report, design and research the marketplace to find the bespoke solutions that meet your business needs for today and tomorrow. Innovation allows you as a client to make those cost savings over a period of time or improve internal operational processes or Health & Safety.



Our training academy has the ability to deliver bespoke courses to our client's needs. This can be a security system, supervisor/management, first aid or health and safety courses.


Retail Security

Retail has always had a security threat externally and unfortunately sometimes internally to their industry from theft. CSCNI can work in partnership with your business model or premises to utilize the technology available to reduce and minimize these threats to you as a business.


Security Cost Analysis

It is important as a business to invest wisely in technology and also the budget assessment of the future costs and upkeep that your business needs to sustain such systems. CSCNI assists you to find an appropriate system that accommodates your needs through their network of system manufacturers.